Sunday, November 1, 2009

FINALLY! A Senior-Friendly CD Player!

For several years now I have been searching for an easy-to-use, big-button cd player for my elderly parents. The Sony Digital Audio CD Boombox is perfect!
This player also has a radio, but nothing else, which is exactly what we wanted. Its buttons are easy to press. Turn the machine to ON, simply lift the lid manually to place your cd inside and press "Play." It's that easy! It's so good, I bought another to put in the activity room at the assisted-living center. Yes! It gets use! The writing on the buttons is a little pale, so I used a permanent marker to write ON, Play, etc., in large, dark letters. This would be my only complaint and it's a very small one, indeed. Fabulous player!
Here's a link to see it at the Sony Store.
It looks like it comes in a variety of colors: Aqua, pink, blue and red. Our local Target store only had aqua on the shelf, so that's what we got! It's also available on and lots of other places. Just do a search for the Sony ZS-E5 Boombox model.
It comes with a removable plug and also the option to use batteries, instead. For my parents, I leave it plugged in and on all the time, so all they have to do is lift the lid, insert a cd and hit PLAY.
I highly recommend it!
UPDATE: 3/18/13: It seems this model has, sadly, been discontinued!!! NO!!! I recently stumbled upon this one, the Coby MPCD281. Here's a look from Coby MPCD281