Wednesday, March 30, 2011

THE Overnight Brief Test!

Using this wonderful little 500 ml. measuring cup filled with water, my father's CNA (Blanche) and I tested the three most-recommended overnight briefs. By far, the one that can hold the most and still not separate is the Dry 24/7. This brief is incredible! It held a whopping 3500 ml of water and STILL did not separate or leak!

Yes, even after filling the measuring cup SEVEN (7) times, this brief still held up! The next to be tested was the Abri-Form Premium. It felt great out of the package, but didn't hold up nearly as well as the Dry 24/7.

This is the Abri-Form Premium Air with the cloth-like exterior. It started to separate after 2000 ml of water (4 measuring-cupfuls of water), but it didn't leak and it still held together.

Last, we tried the Tranquility ATN (all through the night).

We had to conclude that the Tranquility ATN brief was our least favorite. Take a look at it after 2000 ml of water. It is separating very badly. It didn't leak through, but it's such a mess, I'm not sure how it would be if it were actually on someone at this point.

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