Monday, August 5, 2013

Help for Swallowing Difficulties

During my father's recovery, I happened upon quite a few things that can help strengthen the throat muscles and aid in regaining one's ability to swallow. I realized only recently that I haven't shared all these great things on this blog ... and that's what this blog is all about ... sharing information!

So here goes ... in the hospital and at assisted-living centers and nursing homes, you might see several items that you can't find on your grocery-store shelves ... pre-thickened beverages, for instance ... and a wonderfully high-protein, delicious-tasting ice-cream kind of thing called Magic Cup. After a bit of researching on the internet, I was able to find a source for both thickened liquids (as well as other thickened products) and the elusive Magic Cup.

If you'd like the products made by Hormel, the Thick and Easy products, you can purchase them online at the Hormel Home Care Nutrition website  or by telephone: 1-800-491-6876. You can find all the wonderful products that were available at the hospital ... like my Dad's personal favorite, Nectar-Thick Sweet Tea. 

For some reason, the pre-thickened beverages seem to taste much better than those to which thickener has been added.

Magic Cup is a protein-rich, ice-cream-like product that is also made by Hormel. You can order it online or by telephone. This is the website. Here is the telephone number: 877-493-2633

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