Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Samsung Jitterbug is a Huge Hit

WOW! The Samsung Jitterbug is as good as it seems! It's true! My parents have been able to use it! They love the dial-tone feature that lets them know the phone is truly "on" and ready to use. The buttons are really big and are lit up, too. Although it's a bit expensive to begin (as you have to buy the phone for $147), it's already been well worth my peace of mind.
For some reason, they always think of places they want to go about 8 o'clock at night (not 8 in the morning ... not even 2 in the afternoon)! It's always about that time they decide to head out to the pharmacy or Target or the grocery store. It makes me feel so much better when they call me to let me know where they are ... and when they've gotten back home again.
I'll take a picture of their Jitterbug in use soon!

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