Tuesday, September 4, 2007

User-Friendly Cell Phone

Take a look at the Samsung Jitterbug
After another "evening of terror" when I couldn't find my parents out there ... I convinced them to purchase this cell phone.

It hasn't arrived yet, but after we've tried it out thoroughly, I'll post our findings! It's got to be better than the small cell phone they have right now. Unfortunately, too many cell phones, newer, shinier, smaller, etc., don't cut it for the elderly!

Let's take the cell phone they have right now. It's small. The screen fades to black very quickly as a battery-saving feature; however, they always think it's turned off when this happens. Most cell phones do not feature a dial tone. You simply punch in your numbers and hit "send" or "call" or whatever key word that particular style phone has. The other ill-planned feature of their current phone is the fact that the small red handle icon means: TURN ON, HANG UP FROM CALL and TURN OFF depending on when and for how long you depress it. This has been very confusing. They've often turned off the phone when only meaning to hang up, thereby not allowing any future calls to get through. YIKES!

I can't tell you how many times I've said to my son, "Get your shoes on quickly! We have to go find Grandma and Grandpa!"
"AGAIN?" He'll usually ask as he's tying up his shoes as fast as he can.

Hopefully, the Jitterbug will put an end to the lack of communication!

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