Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Finding Home Helpers for the Elderly

I know, I know. I haven't written in a long time! That's because it's been an interesting experience for me ... trying to keep this blog and make it pertinent ... useful ... I have actually deleted a few posts that were, perhaps, a little too personal. I really didn't intend to make this blog be about the trials and tribulations one encounters when helping to care for their elderly parents. No, instead, I had hoped to provide resources and information to help us all along the way. I think I kind of got side-tracked a little.
So, here I am, back in full force and hoping that the links for suggested products and services might help somebody else!
The past month has been particularly taxing while we try to locate just the right cleaning service for my parents. We didn't want the type of service that comes in and turns your house upside-down, rolling up carpets, dusting ceiling fans, etc. We wanted the kind of service that Alice from the Brady Bunch gave every day ... we would have been quite satisfied with Hazel. In short, we wanted a domestic person who could keep the house tidy and do the chores that are too exhausting for my parents at this point.
Do you know how difficult it is to find this? To find someone willing to do the dishes, the laundry and vacuum and mop floors? Sigh.
We've finally settled on another agency. Let me say; however, that the agency is only as good as its employees. And, so far, we've been very happy with the person who has been sent to my parents' home. Another agency we tried did not work out at all ... I think the agency might have downplayed the cleaning aspect of the job to the potential employee ... and, as we all know, that was the only reason we wanted someone! We didn't need a companion (my parents are perfect companions for each other); we didn't need a "sitter." We just needed someone to load and unload the dishes and change the linens on the bed! You wouldn't think that would be so hard to find, would you?
I'll keep you posted.

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